Our mission


Our mission is to rebuild Ukraine around Environmental, Social, and Governance principles.


Rebuilding will not be at the expense of our environment.

  • We will facilitate the adoption of internationally recognised sustainable building systems.
  • We will forge links between local construction companies, and international partners to share sustainable best practice.
  • We embrace innovative green building methods, and diversification towards sustainable resources.


Rebuilding will serve the people of Ukraine.

  • New developments will meet the needs of local communities – they will have a say in how their homes are rebuilt.
  • Lessons learned from our international partners will be passed on, providing training and employment to local companies.
  • We will unite civil society towards progressive social change – inclusiveness, gender equality and equitable development.


Rebuilding will set examples for others to follow.

  • We will report transparently on everything we do.
  • We work only with progressive organisations, willing to adopt our policies on professional practice, ethics, and transparency.
  • We will build trust in the industry: with government, donors, clients, designers, constructors, and the people.